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Offset Your Band Dues As You Shop

Once you're registered, it's quick and easy to purchase an e-gift card (available in your app wallet) at the store before you check out. 
Each of these actions can earn money to offset your band dues!

We see band families earning hundreds of dollars each year simply by planning their shopping and using the app.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to sign up.

- Shopping for back to school at Old Navy? Earn 10% 
- Preparing for home improvements at Home Depot? Earn 4% 
- Buying a new TV for football season at Best Buy? Earn 4%
- Making a Target or Walmart run? Earn 2.5%
- Planning a dinner out at Outback? Earn 7%

NOTE: Amounts earned can change. Consult website or app for details.
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