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Marching Band

Excellence in Pageantry Arts

The Chattahoochee High School band is an extracurricular activity that performs at football games, local, regional, and national competitions,  pep rallys, parades, and other scholastic events throughout the year.

Each year the band performs a show based on a concept that brings together music, dance, visual arts, and theatrics.

Marching band is made up of following sections:

Drum Majors are part of the band leadership and are responsible for knowing the music and are positioned on the field in areas to assist band members in keeping time.

Sections Leaders are part of the band leadership responsible for assisting with practices in their respective sections.

Pit includes performers who play stationary instruments such as marimbas, vibraphones, rack mounted drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and more.

Battery includes percussion performers who march on the field with instruments such as bass drum, snare drum, tenor drums, and cymbals.

Winds are marching performers that play instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, and piccolo.

Brass are marching performers that play instruments such as contra tuba, mellophone, trombone, trumpet, and baritone.

Color Guard incorporates dancing, flag tossing, twirling, and other theatrics that interpret the music and tell the story of the show.

Marching Band students begin practicing their show during a 2 week mandatory summer camp in July. The show continues to be developed throughout the season.  Practices are usually 3 times a week and are mandatory.

Be prepared for rehearsals – Marching band students march in the hot sun. Be sure to wear athletic tennis shoes, loose and light-weight clothing and bring a 1-gallon water jug to each rehearsal.

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