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Upcoming Band Fundraisers

Below are some upcoming fundraiser events. We hope to see you participate in one or more of them.

Shred-a-Thon Fundraiser

Have you ever thought about all of the "junk mail" you receive and then throw away? Did you know that thieves are becoming wise to this fact, and they dig through the trash or scour the landfill for documents that can be used to commit fraud?

In an average 2 week period, a person probably receives bank statements, credit card offers, insurance benefits documents, and investment statements. Each one of those items gives a bad guy part of a key to steal your identity or commit financial fraud.

Because of this, Chattahoochee Bands has scheduled a Shred-a-Thon Event on Saturday, March 19th, from 10-12, to benefit our band AND to provide a service to our community. 

With only a few options for secure destruction of documents, this is BY FAR the most cost-effective and safest option for you and your family's personal information.

- Print shops will charge $.99/lb (a bankers box holds about 20-25lbs of paper)
- Personal shredders are time consuming to use and don't shred into small enough bits

Come see us on Saturday, March 19th, from 10-12 at the Chattahoochee HS bus loop. Bring your boxes of documents, and watch as they're securely shredded by a professional, local shred company. All we ask is a $5 per box tax-deductible donation...receipts will be provided.

Protect Your Personal Information!.png

Tanner Family Photo Fundraiser

There's NEVER a better time to take a family photo than TODAY...well, maybe the second
best time is Sunday, Nov 6th. Hooch Band is partnering with Tanner Photography to offer a way to get that ever-important photo of your family AND to support the Hooch Band.

For only a $30 donation, you receive a photo session with a professional photographer. This event includes a free 11x14 print with your photo session. You also hav the chance to purchase additional poses during your viewing session, but your 11x14 print is included
as part of your donation. The event is on Sunday, November 6th (following our Nov 5th contest) from 3-5pm, so we KNOW you're in town. 

Get those photos done in time for holiday cards and holiday gifts to loved ones. The event will exclusively opened to Band Families for the first few days and spaces will then be opened up to all Hooch families. Get the time you want; Book your time HERE! For questions, contact Kim at
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