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Our Ensembles

Chattahoochee Bands is comprised of three concert ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. The ensembles meet year round, and all three give several performances throughout the year. Students audition annually for ensemble and for chair placement within the ensemble. These ensembles are the cornerstone for the success of our program. In rehearsal, the groundwork is laid for all things "music," including music reading skills, vocabulary, ear training, expression, interpretation, and so much more.

In addition to our concert ensembles, students have the opportunity to join our award-winning marching band. The group averages 150 members annually and performs at home and away football games, competitions across the state and nation, parades, and civic events. The Pep Band, a subset of marching band members, performs at various school functions and basketball games.

The band program also offers students the ability to participate in Jazz Band, Indoor Percussion, and Winter Guard. The Jazz Band performs as a separate ensemble at all concerts, and plays at various local events. Indoor Percussion and Winter Guard are offered during the winter months as a way of challenging our students to continue their musical education and master performance. Winter Guard competes at events held by SAPA (Southern Association of Performing Arts), and the Indoor Percussion group competes as a part of GIPA events (Georgia Indoor Percussion Association). 

Meet Our Groups

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